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Previous Artist: Jake Kimbrell. November 8, 2015 – February 7, 2016

Meet Jake Kimbrell, the photographer/artist currently showing at the Steeltown Gallery. His show “Off My Walls” is a blend of photography and computer manipulation makes this show creative and unique. More about Jake can be found below…

Off My Walls

About the Photographer: Jake Kimbrell
As a resident of Pittsburg for the last six years, I’m sixty three years old. I’ve always enjoyed the art of photography. While attending college in San Diego I began working as a commercial photographer. After graduating I began shooting Public Relations and Advertising, starting my own studio in Riverside, California in 1978. I specialized in product, food and location photography. I retired in 2005 but still love the art. This show comprises images that hang on the walls of my apartment in Pittsburg.

Please Enjoy!