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[callout_right]The freshest of roasted coffee beans from Four Barrel Coffee of San Francisco are delivered every week.[/callout_right]


French Press
Our house coffee is freshly French Pressed throughout the day using the exceptional beans from Four Barrel Coffee. Note our small chalk board for the current selection.
Feel like a made-to-order cup of your choosing? Then choose one from our selection of coffee from around the world, and we will make an exquisite cup just for you using our AeroPress method.


All espresso drinks served double-shots, ristretto.

Double Espresso
served in a demitasse and made with Four Barrel’s award winning “Friendo Blendo”
Con Panna
as above, with a dollop of whipped cream
espresso “marked” with foamed milk
from Spain, equal parts espresso & steamed milk
our specialty: espresso with silky foamed milk
made with Four Barrel’s “Friendo Blendo”
Caffe Latte
espresso, silky micro-foam steamed milk
Flavored Latte
house-made Lavender, Vanilla, Honey-Vanilla or Honey-Cardomom
Caffe Mocha
made with rich Ghirardelli chocolate
Spiced Mocha
with exotic spices


Our collection of unique beverages.

Chai Latte
spiced tea with steamed milk
High Chai
chai latte with a shot of espresso
our french pressed coffee with espresso
Café au Lait
half french pressed coffee, half steamed milk
loose leaf, from our extensive selection
the “tea” of Argentina
delicious Ghirardelli chocolate in steamed milk
Spiced Cocoa
exotic spices in rich cocoa
Apple Chai-der
steamed apple juice with spicy chai


Colder versions of our popular creations.

Cold Brew Coffee
custom made, iced, 24 hour cold-brewed
Iced Tea
top quality fresh brewed tea of the day
Black Diamond
our iced tea with homemade lemonade
Iced Latte
our Caffe Latte on the rocks
Iced Mocha
our Caffe Mocha on the rocks
Blended Latte, Blended Mocha, Blended Cocoa
the cold version of our hot favorites
Blended Green Tea
blended, creamy matcha green tea
apple, oj or lemonade, chilled or on ice
Italian Sodas
pellegrino and syrup – flavors vary monthly
Real Fruit Smoothies
real fruit, flavors vary
Fit Fruit Smoothies
real fruit, veggies, no added sugar, flavors vary