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What is Textspresso?

Textspresso is a virtual drive-thru window available Monday – Friday, 6:55am – Noon. Text us your order before you head to Steeltown Coffee & Tea, and we will bring it to your waiting car within minutes of your arrival.

Don’t want to fill out the online form? Complete a registration form at the coffeehouse and sign-up for this ground-breaking service in person!

You must be pre-registered to use Textspresso service. Service is available Monday – Friday, 6:55am – 6:00pm.

Fill out the form below to start using our ground-breaking Textspresso service. You’ll not only zip in and out when you’re in a rush, but you’ll be helping keep automobile pollution to a minimum.

After we process your Textspresso request, above, you will receive a Text message on your mobile phone indicating that your account is active in the system. You will then be able to text your Textspresso order to the number you receive from us.

As with everything we do, our ``drive-thru`` is as green as possible. Don't sit in an idling car for 10 minutes while you order and then wait for your drink to be made. Text us your order as you depart and we will have it ready for you in less than 5 minutes after you arrive.